Thursday, October 9, 2008

Part 2- Too Many Differences

Please read part 1 below first. Thank you.

Now, my third point. In the section which mentions the Testimonies of Faith, they talk about the the central creed of Islam- There is no God but Allah, and Mohammad is His messenger. The letter then goes on to mention scriptures from the Qu'ran which talk about people’s souls- as depicted as having “three main faculties”- being the mind or intelligence- for understanding the truth, the will, which is made for freedom of choice, and sentiment, which is for loving the good and the beautiful.
Again, no talk of the Christian testimony-which is preaching the Gospel of Christ- they refuse to believe in the Christ as He is- and they will not tolerate any preaching of the Christian message to anyone of the Muslim faith- so much for allowing for freedom of choice.

In conclusion, I have to say I know there are many Christians who come off sounding holier than thou- some who seem to be intolerant of everything, and each and every one of us makes mistakes. I’ve never hid the fact that some of my biggest mistakes, some things I am not proud of have happened since I was born again in Christ. I will continue to try and allow the Holy Spirit to work in me and allowing good things to be produced, but until the time I reach heaven- I will still fall every now and then, as all of us will. There will be times where I could help someone in need, but didn’t, care for someone who was sick or hurt, but didn’t, give to someone one who needs extra, but didn't- but I will always try to do what I can, when I can- because I can- because of Christ. Most Christians I know would gladly give the last of what they have- whether in time or money or sweat- to help people in need. We will always attempt to share the Gospel of Christ with others, we will always try and help people understand what sin is, and how to receive grace and forgiveness- we will always do for the least of these- because we see Christ in them. To me, that shows that we Bible believing Christians are already loving our neighbors as ourselves- whether our neighbors are in down the street, in a shack in the poor part of town, in another city ravaged my natural disasters- or whether they are on the other side of the world- people made in the Image of God- even if they don’t believe in Him- but they are in desperate need of love, or comfort or shelter or food- we will be there- loving them as we would ourselves.
As for the men who wrote this letter- I pray that they are sincere, but given the history of the Islamic faith- and even in recent times such as Gaza in Israel- where peaceful land transfers are met with katusha rockets and suicide bombing attempts- I just have to wonder what they have up their sleeves. After all, Mohammad offered the people of Mecca an offer of peace and friendship- but when they didn’t convert- they were invaded by Mohammad’s army. It happens through out history of Islam- a chance to convert, disguised by peace- but met with force if not accepted.
I will never torture or kill, murder or maim someone who doesn’t believe what I do. I would though, rather place my trust in One who died for me on the Cross at Calvary- rather than a man who started a new religion based on power and might of a sword-

I will post more on differences of not only the Muslim religion, but of other religions and cults as well in up coming posts.


Old Soldier Tom's Journal said...

Dear Sister Carolyn,
So good to read your blog posts again. But please help me figure out how to click on your alerts so they show up on my mail address, or my yahoo acct.
You said, "We don't find God-- He finds us?" I need to read that one for sure!
Bless you dear friend-- and soldier on!

Tom Schuckman

Barb said...

Finally caught up with you. Sorry its taken me so long. God does indeed find us, and I'm so grateful that He does. If he hadn't rescued me from myself, from the life I was living...I would be lost.